Brand Creativity

Stages of Brand Development

Building brand value takes time. Typically, a business will go through three stages of brand development: Foundation ➤ Growth ➤ Advanced Growth.

Investing time and capital in each stage –– at a pace appropriate to your circumstances and that you are comfortable with –– will put your company on the right track to building an outstanding brand and improving business asset valuation.

The process of Context ➤ Creative ➤ Content applies to each stage of brand development, with the activity in each of these three areas designed to achieve the specific goals of each stage.


Brand Creativity

Our Methodology

Building brand asset value is a perpetual exercise in managing perceptions. BrandCreativity recommend following a structured process by adopting the 9 BoxPerception Management framework to support the growth of your brand value.

The framework is underpinned by three cyclical phases: Context ➤ Creative ➤ Content


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The Context phase is about delivering clarity around who all of your audiences are, what they are really buying from you, how best to position the your client proposition in their minds and why they should care. This phase is strategic in nature, delivered through workshops, interviews and coaching – the output being your client’s new positioning strategy paper.

Our services in this phase are including:

  • Brand Intelligence & Valuation
  • Brand Position Strategy
  • Brand Portfolio & Architecture Strategy


The Creative phase is about delivering confidence. Confidence everyone is aligned and behaving in line with your client’s cultural values. Confident everyone knows what to say and how to say it. Confident your organisation is visually projecting the right image. Confident you have the appropriate communication tools to succeed in building brand value.

Our services in this phase are including

  • Brand Identity & Visual System
  • Brand Standardization 
  • Brand Managament Guidelines
  • Brand Centre in Digital Platform


The Content phase is about giving the client more control over their brand by getting better at managing perceptions through communication – at every touchpoint of the your client experience. It’s the implementation phase – producing both quality and quantity of communications to support your marketing, sales and service delivery function.

Our services in this phase are including:

  • Brand Implementation
  • Brand Communication Strategy and Engagement