About Us

Your brand, your baby

Embrace the true meaning of brand.

Building a brand is not unlike raising a child. A brand needs constant attention, nurturing and guidance. It relies on strong guardianship. Above all, it thrives on unconditional love from those entrusted with its care and development.

We work with business leaders who share this belief, and understand the immense competitive advantage and commercial results that a brand-led growth strategy brings.

From infancy through to maturity, at BrandCreativity we’re committed to helping companies of all shapes and sizes harness the power of brands to grow their businesses.

With 30+ years experience in strategic brand building across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific regions, BrandCreativity have helped hundreds of organizations to build outstanding world-class brands.

Our coaches, creative and consultants deliver independent expertise in brand strategy, creativity and communication solutions to help you realize your brand’s true purpose.

Building brand as an asset.

Our background

  • BrandCreativity was founded in 2001 in London, UK
  • BrandCreativity was set up to give non-blue chip businesses access to world class branding expertise and methodologies
  • Operations established in London, Dubai, Singapore & Hanoi
  • BrandCreativity was the first Branding firm to adopt a coaching methodology
  • BrandCreativity has a global network of consultants, creatives and coaches exclusively operating in the field of strategic positioning and branding
  • Specialty practice teams support key industry verticals
  • The perfect size – Global expertise applied to local teams
  • High touch, collaborative client relationships

Our global client experience