In 2019, Viettel marked a significant milestone as its 30-year-old brand announced a new mission: "PIONEERING IN CREATING A DIGITAL SOCIETY." This introduces two major challenges for BrandCreativity.


First and foremost is the change in strategy and organizational structure as Viettel transitions from a traditional telecommunications service provider to a digital service provider. This shift, particularly in corporate structure, is intricately tied to the culture and mindset of the organization.


The second challenge involves the response of customers and the public following the brand's repositioning campaign. As an established brand, Viettel has been perceived as "a kind and reliable middle-aged person, yet lacking innovation, dynamism, and a vibrant aspect in technological creativity." This perception is not aligned with Viettel's aspirations.



All these values are encapsulated under the single word "Diversity," adding a unique dimension to the brand. BrandCreativity terms this concept as "ONE WORLD CONTEXT," an integral part of our exclusive brand development model.


Embracing Diversity as the brand philosophy, BrandCreativity continues to evolve the brand identity, including:


The slogan is streamlined, transitioning from "Say it your way" to "Your way," aligning with the brand's vision for digital transformation while retaining familiarity with our customers and the public.






The new Viettel logo, characterized by its vibrant red, exudes a sense of youthfulness, passion, and dynamism, having eliminated the "double parentheses" around the word Viettel. Instead, the letter "i" has evolved into a speech bubble, symbolizing the spirit of listening, dialogue, respect, and serving individuals as distinct entities.



One of the most notable differentiators for Viettel is the shift from the military-associated green to a vivid red, representing youthfulness, aspiration, passion, and dynamism, while simultaneously embracing the patriotic colors of the national flag.


Beau Sans Pro is the primary font consistently used across Viettel's branding and communication materials. It possesses characteristics that are easily recognizable and applicable across various mediums, fostering the potential for breakthrough creativity in line with the spirit of Viettel.


According to the Brand Finance report (02/2023), Viettel's brand valuation is estimated at approximately 8.902 trillion USD, reflecting a 44% increase compared to 2021, the period before the brand repositioning.


The brand repositioning campaign not only impacts Viettel but also brings significant potential on a national scale. Building a brand as an asset has the capability to enhance the recognition of many "made in Vietnam" businesses in the international market, attracting investments and contributing to the overall prosperity of the country.