Situated in the heart of the city (37 Le Van Luong, Hanoi), HUDTOWER makes a striking impression with its two sail-shaped towers. HUDTOWER is constructed with the aim of establishing an A-grade office building that meets international standards


HUDTOWER engaged BrandCreativity to formulate a strategy and brand image that reflects a B+ standing.


BrandCreativity's task is to devise a strategy and brand image that communicates a B+ position, setting HUD TOWER apart from competitors and garnering public interest by:


1. Creating Differentiated Value

Focusing on developing the brand's core values: Hospitality, Utilities, Dedicated, to convey the message that HUD TOWER is a trustworthy partner, ready to embark on business ventures together.


2. Ensuring Consistency in Strategy and Brand Image

Sustaining the key message "YOU.IN" to signify a readiness to welcome others, reinforcing HUD TOWER's spirit of companionship.


For HUD TOWER's brand identity, BrandCreativity maintains consistency using the dominant orange color and core values, establishing a strong and unified brand image.